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Note: Programming lineup subject to change without notice.

The right music at the right time... DMX MUSIC provides the perfect sounds for holiday celebrations throughout the year. Check out the upcoming special holiday programs and look back at prior programs for old time's sake.

September 16 - October 7
OKTOBERFEST! The world's greatest beer party! In 1810 the wedding of Princess Therese and Prince Ludwig of Bavaria was the occasion of the very first Oktoberfest. Almost 200 years later and we're still celebrating! Let DMX MUSIC take you to the Munich in your mind (the Bavaria in your brain, as it were). Four days of festive German music for your partying pleasure. O'zapft ist! (The keg is tapped!)br>
July 1 - July 4
You say you want a revolution? Yeah, well, it's been done. They even signed the paperwork (no matter what you do, there's always paperwork). Actually, only two of the Founding Fathers - John Hancock and Charles Thomson - signed on July 4. They and the others pledged their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor." On the other hand, we just ask you to listen to our FOURTH OF JULY special - fire cracklin' patriotic music in styles ranging from symphonic to country. "Stars And Stripes Forever" by the Boston Pops, "The Brooklyn Bridge" by Frank Sinatra, "Song Of The Patriot" by Johnny Cash, and a lot more. You can even grab a fife and join in, if you like!

May 1 - May 7
As far as victory celebrations go, none can top Cinco de Mayo. On May 5, 1862 a small and brave-beyond-the-odds Mexican army won the battle of Puebla against the powererful forces of Napolean III. For this festive holiday DMX MUSIC brings you a diverse program of celebratory Mexican and Mexican-American music, especialy with plenty of rousing mariachi music to keep the party lively. So let our CINCO DE MAYO special be the music for your fiesta, wherever you may be. Viva la Fiesta! Viva Mexico!

April 1 - April 16
We invite you to rejoice in song during our EASTER week special - a program of melodic hymns, spiritual classics, and gospel greats performed by choirs, singing groups, and solo artists, and in many musical styles. This program for the holiday includes uplifting, inspirational music like "Wade In the Water" by the Blind Boys of Alabama, "Grace" by Jars of Clay, and "Faith, Hope, and Love" by Point of Grace.

March 2 - March 17
Celebrate the Irish way with DMX MUSIC. A rousing program of Saint Paddy's favorite music. Put on the green and get out your shillelagh. Jigs, reels, and even modern pop sounds from the Emerald Isle. Guaranteed to scare the snakes away for good! (By the way, did you know that Glocca Morra is a fictional place but Muckanaghederdauhaulia is a real one? Well, now you do.)

February 28 - March 1
Itís Mardi Gras! Parades, picnics, floats and outrageous costumes! Join us as we provide the music for the wildest, steamiest holiday of the year! (They don't call it a CARNivAL for nothing!) From New Orleans to Rio de Janiero to wherever you are, get randy with DMX MUSIC as we have your Mardi Gras party covered! Plenty blues, Cajun, Zydeco, and 'Nawlins music! Yeah, baby!

January 6 - February 14
It's love that makes the world go round (and you thought it was all about the coordinate transformation from the Terrestrial Reference Frame to the Celestial Reference Frame, regarding the transformation matrices from the precession and nutation of the Celestial Ephemeris Pole), so we feature your favorite songs about falling in love and staying in love. No weepy break-up songs for this holiday. Save the cost of chocolate, perfume, and unmentionables. Just celebrate your passion by listening to DMX MUSIC.

Hear Sample: Click Here

When Song Title Artist Album
10:07:11 MDT Party Megamix DJ Otzi Best Of DJ Otzi
10:05:26 MDT Der Mai Ist Gekommen Bavarian Oompah Band Fete De la Biere: Beer Festival
10:02:59 MDT Bummel-Petrus Edelweiss-Sextette Oktoberfest in Germany
09:58:56 MDT Da Schleiflinger Kirchtag German Favorites German Favorites
09:56:20 MDT Die Lustigen Bruder Gross Stimmungskapelle and the I Love German Folk And Drinking
09:51:28 MDT Stimmungsbombe Pepi Scherfler M.S. Musikanten Oktoberfest In Munich
09:47:49 MDT Polkastolz Henry Gorman Schlager 2
09:47:11 MDT Irdninger Hintereinand Trachtenverein Robecker Music Of The Alps
09:44:50 MDT Hurra-Marsch Journey Down The Rhine Journey Down The Rhine
09:42:39 MDT Old Village Dance Famous German High Spirit Akkor Old German Favorites: Seaside To
09:39:56 MDT In Munich Stands The Hofbrauhaus Bavarian Oktoberfest Band Oktoberfest
09:38:06 MDT Zillertaler Hochzeitstanz An Evening in Germany An Evening in Germany: Traveling
09:36:37 MDT In Munchen Steht Ein Hofbrauhaus Bavarian Oompah Band Musical World: German Bierfest
09:33:55 MDT Gute Nacht Alan Broadbent Schlager 3
09:31:36 MDT May-Polka Die Iustigen Oberkrainer Buam European Polka Hits: Part 1


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