Description: Total kid appeal, with songs by popular artists, as well as artists who specialize in children's music. Programmed for kids from ages 3 to 10, with various styles including lullabies, kid-oriented pop and tunes from children's movies, TV shows, and plays.

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When Song Title Artist Album
20:10:22 MST I'd Rather Be Singing Grenadilla Grenadilla
20:08:21 MST Aloha Rocknoceros Plymouth Rockers
20:04:00 MST I Believe in you Marty Dread Keiki Reggae - Positive sounds f
20:01:38 MST Main Title Sequence/Winnie The P Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward Winnie The Pooh: An Original Wal
19:57:38 MST We Are The Ones Charity And The JAMBand Family Values
19:54:13 MST Walter The Weasel Groove Kid Nation The Wheels On The Bus
19:49:26 MST Roam B-52's Time Capsule: Songs For A Future
19:46:31 MST Minnie Mouse In The House Mickey Mouse Mickey Unrapped
19:43:37 MST Patty Cake, Patty Cake Steve Rashid and The Woodside Av Fidgety Feet
19:41:12 MST Choc-O-Lot In My Pock-O-Lot Laurie Berkner Under A Shady Tree
19:37:39 MST Three Little Birds Freddie McGregor Reggae For Kids
19:34:42 MST Interplanet Janet Schoolhouse Rock Science Rock/Scooter Computer an
19:31:26 MST Sheep Zoe Lewis Putumayo Kids Presents: Folk Pla
19:28:37 MST Paper Airplane Recess Monkey Hot Air
19:26:35 MST You've Got A Friend In Me Randy Newman Toy Story


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