Description: Total kid appeal, with songs by popular artists, as well as artists who specialize in children's music. Programmed for kids from ages 3 to 10, with various styles including lullabies, kid-oriented pop and tunes from children's movies, TV shows, and plays.

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When Song Title Artist Album
15:45:33 MDT Broken Robot Mr. Leebot Robot Dance
15:41:44 MDT The Train Song Medeski, Martin And Wood Let's Go Everywhere
15:36:48 MDT Never Give Up Marty Dread Keiki Reggae - Positive sounds f
15:34:27 MDT It's All Right To Cry Rosey Grier Free To Be...You And Me
15:31:53 MDT Honest Kid Princess Katie and Racer Steve Tiny Cool
15:29:07 MDT Everybody Sing Imagination Movers Rock-O-Matic
15:25:18 MDT You're So True Joseph Arthur Shrek 2
15:22:46 MDT Hop Up Ladies Dan Zanes House Party
15:21:23 MDT The Dinosaur Dance Dance-A-Lot Robot Playhouse Disney: Let's Dance
15:17:36 MDT Come A'ama Crab Pomai and Loeka Island Roots: Contemporary Music
15:16:11 MDT Hey Ferb Phineas Phineas And Ferb: Across The 1st
15:14:17 MDT Bees Knees SteveSongs SteveSongs: The Marvelous Musica
15:10:42 MDT Knock Knock Blues Swingset Mamas Dance Around The House
15:09:09 MDT Happy Birthday Ting Tings Yo Gabba Gabba!
15:07:08 MDT It's Gonna Be Great Jim Cummings and Bud Luckey Winnie The Pooh: An Original Wal


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