Description: Total kid appeal, with songs by popular artists, as well as artists who specialize in children's music. Programmed for kids from ages 3 to 10, with various styles including lullabies, kid-oriented pop and tunes from children's movies, TV shows, and plays.

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When Song Title Artist Album
23:07:38 MDT Make It Shine (Victorious Theme) Victoria Justice Victorious: Music From The Hit T
23:03:29 MDT The Rattling Can Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke Rise And Shine
23:00:58 MDT Jump Around! Jam Toast Silly Grown-Ups, Punk Is For Kid
22:56:38 MDT The Rattlin' Bog Golden Bough/Richard Ferry/Child Rhythm 4 Kids
22:55:00 MDT Big Blue Bus Keenan Lehmann, Maria Barrington Max And Ruby: Bunny Party
22:51:57 MDT Dream Big! Roger Day Putumayo Kids Presents: Rock And
22:49:18 MDT Stomp, Stomp Lewis Franco And The Missing Cat Putumayo Kids Presents: Jazz Pla
22:47:30 MDT Yakety Yak Coasters Rubber Biscuits and Rama Lama Di
22:45:33 MDT Gitchee Gitchee Goo (extended ve Phineas and The Ferbtones Phineas And Ferb: Songs From The
22:43:00 MDT Tallest Tree Recess Monkey Desert Island Disc
22:41:30 MDT All Around My Room Laurie Berkner Rocketship Run
22:37:50 MDT The Bare Necessities Steel Pulse The Disney Reggae Club
22:34:50 MDT Interjections! Schoolhouse Rock Grammar Rock/Money Rock (Disc 2)
22:30:33 MDT Dance Around The House Swingset Mamas Dance Around The House
22:28:30 MDT We R Super Heroes Robbert Bobbert Robbert Bobbert And The Bubble M


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