Description: Piano and string arrangements of recognizable melodies and popular standards. Beautiful, lush sounds that are at once entertaining and soothing. Similar to radio formats available in the '60s and '70s.

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When Song Title Artist Album
23:03:04 MDT Dusk To Dawn Funtastik Disk Eyes/Litt Music Submittal:
23:00:51 MDT A Game Of Poker Nelson Riddle The Joy Of Living/Love Is A Game
22:57:39 MDT Avanti Gabriel Saientz FJ 512
22:53:32 MDT Love's Young Dream O'Neill Brothers Someone You Love
22:51:08 MDT Mission Donny Marrow Disk Eyes/Litt Music Submittal:
22:48:50 MDT Summer Rain Ronald Binge and his Romantic St Summer Rain
22:46:13 MDT Beach Day Charles Michael Brotman Muzak Tracks No. 11
22:43:32 MDT The Twelfth Of Never Percy Faith Corazon/My Love
22:40:36 MDT Going Back Terry Miller Litt Music Submittal: Q1 2011
22:38:25 MDT Mr. Lucky Henry Mancini Greatest Hits
22:34:57 MDT Second Sign Dean Krippaehne Chris Williams 47
22:30:06 MDT Rise Jim Chappell Rise
22:26:31 MDT Soul Full Brian Withycombe Disk Eyes/Litt Music Submittal:
22:22:53 MDT Lune De I'ile Christopher Peacock, Gene Nery a Elements: Water
22:19:57 MDT Time Flies Tim Noah Litt Music Submittal: Q3 2010


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