Description: Piano and string arrangements of recognizable melodies and popular standards. Beautiful, lush sounds that are at once entertaining and soothing. Similar to radio formats available in the '60s and '70s.

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When Song Title Artist Album
18:42:00 MST Mahogany Ferrante and Teicher Great 1970s Motion Picture Theme
18:39:30 MST Kitty On The Keys Frank Mills The Twentieth Anniversary: Toget
18:36:14 MST Part of Your World Lorie Line Music from the Heart (Greatest C
18:32:20 MST Sailing Melody Sweeting Sweet Nothings
18:29:12 MST In My Life Peter Pupping and Fred Benedett Beatles: Guitar Instrumentals
18:25:04 MST You've Got A Friend Peter Nero Greatest Hits
18:21:54 MST Remembrance Jim Brickman Destiny
18:19:39 MST El Condor Pasa (If I Could) James Galway The Wind Beneath My Wings
18:16:48 MST Stardust Robert Farnon And His Orchestra Victor Schertzinger Suite/Hoagy
18:11:31 MST Bastille Day John Tesh Grand Passion
18:08:00 MST Schindler's List (theme) Karen M. Smith and David Snyder Colors Of The Wind
18:03:37 MST Crazy Love Gene Nery Beyond The Sea
17:58:44 MST Tennessee Waltz Beyond The Sunset Beyond The Sunset
17:55:35 MST Candlelight And Lace Jim Chappell Serenity Rush
17:52:27 MST Michelle Jason Falkner Bedtime With The Beatles


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