Description: Piano and string arrangements of recognizable melodies and popular standards. Beautiful, lush sounds that are at once entertaining and soothing. Similar to radio formats available in the '60s and '70s.

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When Song Title Artist Album
09:19:53 MST Dana Point Ed Roscetti Festive Time
09:17:35 MST Sentimental Journey Ken Miller Romancing America: When You're Y
09:14:40 MST Wildflowers Doug Califano Environmental Originals 4743
09:12:03 MST Cry Frank Davis Orchestra Golden Melodies
09:08:53 MST After We've Met Sandra Smith Muzak Titles (Disk No. 2010-02)
09:06:57 MST Parlez Moi D'amour (Speak to Me Frank Chacksfield And His Orches Evening in Paris/Evening in Rome
09:03:34 MST Off To Paradise Smith-Tones Muzak Titles (Disk No. 2010-02)
08:58:17 MST Beautiful Thoughts Gary Prim Beautiful Thoughts: Instrumental
08:55:43 MST Offering For Sabrina Harley Paint Shaker Music Submissions:
08:52:26 MST Honolulu City Lights Keola Beamer Aloha With Style... Relax
08:49:08 MST Big Dreams Frank Josephs FJ 435
08:45:17 MST Sunflower Cecilio Rodrigues Aloha With Style... Romance
08:41:23 MST Interstellar Cocktail Chad Quist Paint Shaker Music: Fall 2010 Su
08:38:34 MST Manhattan Lullaby Mantovani All Time Romantic Hits/Mantovani
08:34:58 MST A View For Two Dean Krippaehne Chris Williams 37


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