Description: Piano and string arrangements of recognizable melodies and popular standards. Beautiful, lush sounds that are at once entertaining and soothing. Similar to radio formats available in the '60s and '70s.

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When Song Title Artist Album
06:51:20 MDT Once Upon A Time Tony Hatch Beautiful In The Rain
06:48:36 MDT Monteray Bay Ed Roscetti and David Patt Roscetti And Patt Project
06:45:28 MDT In My Life Peter Pupping and Fred Benedetti Beatles: Guitar Instrumentals
06:42:30 MDT Franklin Park Michael Ripoll and Richie Pena M Ripoll 13
06:38:23 MDT I Knew I Loved You John Tesh The Power Of Love
06:35:51 MDT Been Away So Long Time Pools Litt Music Submittal: Q1 2011
06:32:58 MDT Little White Lies George Shearing Quintet Quintessentially Shearing
06:29:46 MDT Crashing Waves Catherine Jean Markley Chris Williams 32
06:26:00 MDT Every Breath You Take (The Polic Henry Mancini Mancini Rocks The Pops
06:23:10 MDT Conch Shell Cafe Smith-Tones Muzak Titles (Disk No. 2009-02)
06:20:24 MDT Born To Lose Floyd Cramer Collector's Series
06:17:09 MDT Romantic Promises Mike Strickland Disk Eyes/Litt Music Submittal:
06:13:57 MDT Islands In The Stream Frank Mills The Twentieth Anniversary: Toget
06:10:20 MDT 7 Years Of Brian Withycombe Disk Eyes/Litt Music Submittal:
06:07:30 MDT El Condor Paso (If I Could) Ronald Binge and his Romantic St Summer Rain


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