Description: Think sweater sets, poodle skirts, Alan Freed, Dick Clark and American Bandstand. Early rock 'n' roll was more than a fad; it was an era. Have fun with the classics from rock 'n' roll's classic generation - those legendary artists who really knew the meaning of rockin' out.

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When Song Title Artist Album
11:45:25 MDT I Can't Say Goodbye Fireflies Teenage Crush, Vol. 3
11:42:50 MDT The Little Old Lady From Pasaden Jan and Dean Jan And Dean Anthology Album
11:40:37 MDT Foot Stomping, Pt. 1 Flares The Best of Doo Wop Uptempo
11:38:32 MDT Only Sixteen Sam Cooke Greatest Hits
11:36:08 MDT When Kalen Twins Radio Gold, Vol. 3
11:33:49 MDT Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie Eddie Cochran Legends of the 20th Century---Ed
11:31:54 MDT I'm In Love Again Fats Domino My Blue Heaven-- The Best of Fat
11:30:02 MDT Everybody Tommy Roe Greatest Hits
11:27:40 MDT Sweet Talkin' Guy Chiffons History Of Rock: The 60's, Part
11:25:11 MDT Poor Little Fool Ricky Nelson Lengendary Masters - Volume 1
11:22:57 MDT It Was I Skip And Flip The Golden Age Of American Rock
11:20:31 MDT Betty Lou Got a New Pair of Shoe Bobby Freeman Do You Want to Dance
11:18:12 MDT Mission Bell Donnie Brooks Teenage Crush, Vol. 3
11:16:01 MDT Dede Dinah Frankie Avalon Best of Frankie Avalon
11:13:39 MDT Let the Good Times Roll Shirley And Lee Beach Music Anthology, Vol. 3


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