Description: High-voltage rock. Aggressive, energetic guitars and vocals with attitude. Spotlights today's best current and cutting-edge hard rock and aggressive rock artists. Contains explicit lyrics.

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When Song Title Artist Album
11:32:05 MDT Atrabilious North Metanoia
11:27:54 MDT Goddamn Electric Pantera Reinventing The Steel
11:22:48 MDT Blowtorch Nightlight Otep Hydra
11:19:06 MDT A Glorious Epoch Immolation Majesty And Decay
11:16:51 MDT Pelvis Crust Fossils Flesh Hammer
11:07:08 MDT Telos Between The Buried And Me The Parallax II: Future Sequence
11:02:14 MDT Recidivus Drudkh Thousands Of Moons Ago/The Gates
10:57:18 MDT Legend Of The Swamp Goat Hull Legend Of The Swamp Goat
10:48:22 MDT Rising from the Abyss Tempel On the Steps of the Temple
10:43:26 MDT Caught In A Mosh Anthrax Among The Living
10:39:01 MDT Artificial Light Demon Hunter Extremist
10:34:11 MDT From Womb To Waste Dying Fetus Reign Supreme
10:31:28 MDT Behind The Light Red Fang Whales And Leeches
10:27:59 MDT Monstro Heart Of A Coward Severance
10:23:34 MDT The Saw Is The Law Whitechapel Our Endless War


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