Description: High-voltage rock. Aggressive, energetic guitars and vocals with attitude. Spotlights today's best current and cutting-edge hard rock and aggressive rock artists. Contains explicit lyrics.

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When Song Title Artist Album
19:25:35 MDT Obsolete Deterrence Dying Fetus War Of Attrition
19:21:24 MDT Invoke The Desolate One Lightning Swords Of Death The Extra Dimensional Wound
19:17:16 MDT Ugly Children Of Bodom Relentless, Reckless Forever
19:12:31 MDT Metal Woman 3 Inches Of Blood Long Live Heavy Metal
19:05:46 MDT Informal Gluttony Between The Buried And Me Colors
19:02:36 MDT Eyes Right Out Napalm Death Smear Campaign
18:58:24 MDT Cowboys From Hell [Live] Pantera Cowboys From Hell [20th Annivers
18:53:02 MDT Inside The Horror Chimaira Chimaira
18:50:06 MDT You Know That Ain't Them Dogs' R Iwrestledabearonce Ruining It For Everybody
18:45:20 MDT The Ultimate Sacrifice Lazarus A.D. Black Rivers Flow
18:41:42 MDT My Plague Slipknot Iowa
18:37:54 MDT Plague Angels This Ending Inside The Machine
18:29:57 MDT Night Woven Of Snow, Winds And G Drudkh Eternal Turn Of The Wheel
18:26:11 MDT Versus Within The Ruins Invade
18:22:31 MDT Smash The Control Machine Otep Smash The Control Machine


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