Description: High-voltage rock. Aggressive, energetic guitars and vocals with attitude. Spotlights today's best current and cutting-edge hard rock and aggressive rock artists. Contains explicit lyrics.

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When Song Title Artist Album
05:02:13 MDT A World To Win Gorgoroth Incipit Satan
04:57:55 MDT Chillin', Killin' Lody Kong Dreams And Visions
04:54:22 MDT Fury Within Hate Eternal Fury And Flames
04:50:20 MDT From The Pinnacle To The Pit Ghost Meliora
04:46:34 MDT A Trigger Full Of Promises Walls Of Jericho With Devils Amongst Us All
04:41:50 MDT Purgatorium Sigh In Somniphobia
04:38:05 MDT Poisonous Existence In Reawakeni Goatwhore Constricting Rage Of The Mercile
04:35:19 MDT Questions To Root Out Fools Coalesce Ox
04:30:59 MDT Dielectric Fear Factory Genexus [Deluxe Edition]
04:27:55 MDT The Deepest Gray All That Remains Headbangers Ball, Vol. 2
04:23:41 MDT Divine Impediment Aborted Retrogore
04:19:42 MDT Revisionist Past Dying Fetus Reign Supreme
04:16:53 MDT A.D. Hatebreed The Concrete Confessional
04:12:52 MDT Her Portrait In Black Atreyu Underworld Evolution: Original M
04:05:31 MDT Bleed Meshuggah Obzen


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