Description: High-voltage rock. Aggressive, energetic guitars and vocals with attitude. Spotlights today's best current and cutting-edge hard rock and aggressive rock artists. Contains explicit lyrics.

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When Song Title Artist Album
22:01:23 MST Skeksis Strapping Young Lad Alien
21:56:19 MST Deathbed Atheist Norma Jean Meridional
21:51:30 MST The Doom Corrosion Of Conformity Corrosion Of Conformity
21:47:38 MST Black Crow On A Tombstone Satyricon The Age Of Nero
21:43:36 MST No Shelter Rage Against The Machine Godzilla
21:35:16 MST Killifrornia (Ed Kemper) Church Of Misery Master Of Brutality
21:31:04 MST Bark At The Moon Shadows Fall Retribution
21:27:11 MST Desolation Lamb Of God Resolution
21:22:44 MST Bloodletters Tombs Path Of Totality
21:15:09 MST Locust Machine Head Unto The Locust
21:11:46 MST Black Sunday Black Label Society Order Of The Black
21:08:04 MST Decayed Crow Dir En Grey Dum Spiro Spero [Deluxe Edition]
21:03:50 MST Murder Horse The Band A Natural Death
20:59:03 MST Metal Woman 3 Inches Of Blood Long Live Heavy Metal
20:58:18 MST Hellion As I Lay Dying Decas


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