Description: High-voltage rock. Aggressive, energetic guitars and vocals with attitude. Spotlights today's best current and cutting-edge hard rock and aggressive rock artists. Contains explicit lyrics.

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When Song Title Artist Album
20:02:04 MST Starting Over Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage
19:58:35 MST C'Est La Vie Protest The Hero Scurrilous
19:56:47 MST Crippled Life Arson Anthem Insecurity Notoriety
19:51:30 MST The God Particle Allegaeon Fragments Of Form And Function
19:49:27 MST Mental Illness Fleshwrought Dementia/Dyslexia
19:46:39 MST Expulsion Of Fury Origin Entity
19:41:26 MST Revolution Is My Name Pantera The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond
19:36:20 MST 404 Decapitated Carnival Is Forever [Special Edi
19:31:42 MST Dead And Left Black Anvil Triumvirate
19:27:00 MST Regurgitated Disinformation Job For A Cowboy Ruination
19:21:24 MST Dying Season Heathen The Evolution Of Chaos
19:17:08 MST Distance And Meaning Jane Doe Converge
19:13:06 MST Buried In Black Kingdom Of Sorrow Kingdom Of Sorrow
19:08:32 MST Procession Of Ashes All Shall Perish This Is Where It Ends
19:03:30 MST Beneath The Shades Of Grey Arkaea Years In The Darkness


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